v1.1: Made movement a little less wonky. (It's still a little wonky though.) Also trying out WebGL export because what could go wrong.


The fairies' latest prank went way too far and Gensokyo is ready to punish the perpetrators.

Guide Cirno and Clownpiece to safety by controlling them both at once, and getting killed -- when dead, the fairies' power spreads and affects the environment. Don't get both of them killed by the over-eager protagonists though!

Features nine short levels that take minutes to hours to master.

Control Cirno with the arrow keys, Clownpiece with wasd, and respawn instantly using "s" or "down". When Cirno's dead, she and nearby things freeze, while Clownpiece's death sets wood ablaze.

(Because it's a game jam, there's no quality of life features like pause menus or level selects. Go to the menu by pressing escape at any time, restart the level by pressing r, and choose a level with 1-9 in the main menu.)

Install instructions

To play, simply start it in the browser above or extract the .zip file, browse the extracted folder and click the "Flee, fairies, flee!" executable.


Flee, fairies, flee! v1.1.zip 23 MB


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So, tiny update (v1.1), made the movement a lot less floaty because that's something literally no-one liked. Also made level 6 not the hardest stage anymore out of the nine.


This is a VERY impressive game.  Unique gameplay ideas, but quite difficult due to both needing to control two characters at once and possibly too much danmaku.  The author might consider making a full game of this just more tested and polished.  I'd pay a bit for it.

Thank you for the encouraging words! I might polish/continue this when I have the time


A clever gameplay experience somewhat dampened by poor platform physics (buggy wall friction, slow falling) and sometimes I could pull off something like a double jump. Music was fun but way too loud by default (compared to the sound effects).

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Thanks for the feedback!

First time I've tried to make a platformer, and it shows. (Jam time limits don't help.) That double jump is news to me (but not too surprising if I look at my code...)

I'll try to think about music volume a little more next time (and not have it extremely loud by default)!

(actually even though it's a jamgame I might go back and fix these issues after it's over)